Revenue: 765.6 million EUR (2013)
Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland
Founded: Geneva, Switzerland
Founders: Adrien Philippe, Antoni Patek
Price range: $10,000 to $780,000
Collections: 205.9057, 205.9073, 205.9083, 205.9089, 205.9102

Founded in 1851 by Antoine Norbert de Patek and Adrien Philippe in Geneva – Switzerland, Patek Philippe stands out among luxury watchmakers and boasts complicated mechanics and traditional styling. It is the last among family-owned businesses in watchmaking in Geneva.

Best among the best, Patek Philippe has created charm and elegance around royalties and world figures throughout history.

Patek Philippe is into watchmaking without interruption since 1839 and continuing with its rich tradition in the present times.

Watches from the famed watchmaker have the usual price tag of $10,000 to $780,000. The company has made some of the most expensive watches ever which include the Henry Graves Supercomplication that fetched $11 million way back in 1999 and $24 million in 2014.

Patek Phillipe watches are classic, unique and distinctively different. They have their own signature style and reflect class and quality in every bit of style, design, material, technology, accuracy, comfort and elegance.

With 80 patents to its name, Patek Philippe easily sticks to the top spot on the list of luxury watch brands in the world.

Inspired by its tradition of innovation, it continues to diversify in watchmaking design, style, technology and elegance and offer evermore.