Opening on October 23, the Art of Bugatti exhibit at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, Calif., will present the French marque’s finest masterworks—the perfect blend of form and function. There will also be extraordinary examples of some of the Bugatti family’s other mediums of expression, from fine art to furniture.

Rounding out the automotive retrospective are 20 vehicles from the 107-year-old brand’s portfolio through the ages. The earliest to be featured is a 1925 Type 35C Grand Prix, representing the 128 hp model that won the Grand Prix World Championship the following year.

The illustrious lineup will also showcase two examples of the most beautiful (and rare) collector cars in existence, the 1939 Type 57C Atalante. A more contemporary coupe, the 1994 EB110 Super Sport Le Mans that qualified in 17th place for its namesake race, will grace the exhibition floor as well. And representing Bugatti’s current brilliance is the 1,500 hp Chiron (priced at about $2.6 million), the fastest and most powerful production car at present.