It’s obvious the superrich aren’t going to be on the budget airlines when they want to jet around the world, but how they really travel will leave you in awe.

Of course they prefer private jets to flying with the masses, with those planes sometimes costing as much as £160million ($200million). That’s the price tag of the Airbus A330 VIP, which is soon to hit the market. It’s being outfitted by a Swiss company called Comlux, and comes with a full-on bedroom complete with a luxury king-size bed. There is a plush bathroom which can feature wood panelling, as well as full-length mirrors. There’s also designer furniture, huge windows so you can take in stunning views and champagne.

It’s the newest in the series of VIP aircrafts, on which the super-rich lavish their cash.

A lot of airliners service the market by creating corporate versions of their most popular planes, which can then be customised as the buyer wishes. For example, the Airbus Corporate Jet range includes flashy versions of its Airbus A320, A340 and A350. Boeing also has a line, including the Boeing 737 and 747.